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Allies In Leadership, Gary Ross

Susanna Newhart


We met Gary from Allies In Leadership about 4 years ago, during a contractor event through Burnco , and like a lot of us, we thought sales was the worst part of the job. As business owners, we wanted to focus on growing our business, have customers find us, because, if you provide a great service, the sales will just appear, right?

Wrong. We were so wrong. Gary at Allies In Leadership showed us why. He showed us how to see sales as an opportunity and not a job. Allies In Leadership changed our direction, blowing wind into our “sales”.

Gary was able to show us the most important aspects of sales, the way he breaks down and helps you understand the sales process is astounding. You can feel his drive and passion to help business owners succeed as soon as Gary walks in, and you just can’t help but to listen to what he has to say. Gary is absolutely inspiring, there is a good reason he is as highly regarded as he is, he knows what he is talking about, and it shows every step of the way.

To be a great teacher and mentor is one thing, but to be a great leader at the same time takes something special. Allies In Leadership has shown to practice what they preach, they are simply great leaders, making great leaders.

Newhart Landscaping and Construction Ltd is proud to say we have been mentored by Gary, he has truly helped us turn a corner in our business, showing us how changing the way we think about sales, and leadership, can change the way we think about success.

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