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It’s About Designing and Building Your Dream Yard

That picture-perfect green lawn is an image we all think of when we imagine the dream home or pristine golf course. With our synthetic grass installation experts, that beautiful lawn doesn’t only have to exist in landscaping catalogs.

Whether you need grass for the front yard, backyard, rooftop, or even the perfect green for putting, be confident you are getting artificial grass that not only looks real—but stays looking real year after year.

Choose from an array of blade lengths, colors, and textures to fit the aesthetic of your dream lawn. Many people are turning to artificial grass because it just makes sense. Loved by dogs, safe for children—this durable and great-looking solution will improve your life.

Spend less time maintaining your lawn and more time outdoors enjoying the things you love most.

Why Choose Artificial Grass?

Spend less time maintaining your lawn

Are you tired of the constant maintenance your lawn requires? Artificial turf requires no maintenance and maintains that same great look year after year. You can have a luscious green lawn all year round without needing to water, mow, or feed it.

Make the most out of limited space

Growing and maintaining a beautiful lawn in a smaller space requires a lot of work and dedication. Artificial grass transforms a small space into a beautiful back-yard oasis that you can enjoy all year round.

Save money every month on your water bill

Synthetic grass doesn’t need the constant watering real grass does. Reduce your expensive maintenance costs and your environmental impact while you’re at it, with artificial grass that stays bright green all summer long.

Are You Ready to Transform Your Property With Artificial Grass?

Artificial grass is a lifesaver. With our high-quality turf, you can say goodbye to soggy areas, grass stains, and bare spots on your lawn. With different customizable blade types and blade colours, you’ll never have to compromise on durability and style again.

Choose Newhart Landscaping for easy and professional artificial turf installation. Not only will we make your lawn look great, but we can build the base and install the infills, so it’s built to last. Get your lawn done right the first time, so it stays beautiful for years to come.

Residential & Commercial

We offer our landscape design services for both residential and commercial clients alike. From large suburban lots, to acreages, to commercial properties, we are accommodating of all different budgets and designs.

Free Consultation & Design

Unlike many companies, we take the time you draw out your property, implement a design vision, and breakdown the details of the entire proposed project – free of charge. The drawings are then yours to do with as you please. We know another company will not be able to produce the same finished product that we can.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our senior landscape architect personally designs and manages each and every project. With over 15 years of experience in construction, we specialize in transforming all kinds of outdoor areas into beautiful properties.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What system do you cover?

We install artificial grass solutions for every situation. Projects include landscaping, playgrounds, pet-friendly systems, sports turf, and commercial applications.

What blade type do you use?

With our TwistBlade technology, we use polyethylene TwistBlade to provide the highest quality artificial turf for our clients. You can also choose from WaveBlade, U-shape, and soft blade artificial turf to match the look you are going for.

How durable is synthetic grass to real grass?

Fake grass can maintain a cooler surface temperature, provide a more pleasant shine, withstand more foot traffic, and is proven to be stronger than flat yarn grasses.