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Best Landscaping Concepts That Require Little Maintenance

Alex Newhart


Everyone loves a beautiful, well-kept yard, and a perfectly green lawn but not everyone has the time to take care of one year-round. Sometimes, you just want to spend time relaxing in your garden rather than effort working in it.

Best landscaping concepts

If you want professional results without the professional commitment, here are a few low-maintenance landscaping ideas that will have your backyard looking beautiful without cutting into your weekend time.

Create an Outdoor Living Space

Whether you’re getting a deck, a barbecue, or even just a table and a few couches, repurposing part of the back yard for an outdoor space is an excellent low-maintenance use of space. You get extra room for hosting events and relaxing outside while reducing the amount of grass and shrubs to trim.

Use Mulch

Grass and plants are ultimately the most maintenance-heavy features you can have in landscaping, so why not lighten the load? In addition to replacing large patches of grass, a bed of mulch:

  • Fertilizes the soil automatically
  • Reduces the need to work on the garden in the hot sun
  • Does not need to be watered, saving you costs in water bills
  • Adds a pleasant aroma to the landscape
  • Is easy and inexpensive to replace

Mulch requires very little attention. In fact, all you have to do is replace mulch in Spring.

Pick the Right Kind of Grass

You don’t have to give up on grass entirely, of course. Add some curb appeal without adding to your to-do list by choosing the type of grass that grows best in your local climate. Consult with a horticulture expert for advice. In general, grasses like fescue work well in the Northeast region, while Bermuda grass is more popular in the Southeast.

And don’t discount the possibility of artificial grass, which is more durable and requires zero maintenance. Artificial grass gives your lawn space the same realistic look without the need for mowing, making it an excellent choice if you are looking for landscaping ideas that require little maintenance.

Choose Low-Maintenance Plants

Not every flower or bush needs constant watering and trimming. Here are some suggestions of plants to add to your garden that will also add a variety of colors if you aren’t interested in heavy maintenance.

  • Plant lavender. Lavender only needs to be watered once a week or so (and even less often if you live in a naturally rainy climate). Best of all, it can add to the beauty of your yard with a splash of color and a relaxing aroma. Don’t forget that it’s also known to repel bugs.
  • Black-eyed Susans. These vibrantly-colored summer flowers are perfect for the summer months, as they bloom throughout the season.
  • Perennials. This class of plant life is well known for its long lifespan. Hens-and-chicks, for instance, can live in rough, rocky areas with little maintenance. Yuccas similarly feature spiky leaves.

Potted plants and evergreen shrubs are another way to make the work easier. Pots are entirely mobile and can add some versatility to your gardening efforts.

Look to Automatic Watering Solutions

Not interested in dragging the house outside every hot summer day? It might be worth it to install an automatic irrigation system in the form of sprinklers. These devices are incredibly efficient and precise and often continue working even when you aren’t home.

If such a system sounds too complicated, consider collecting rainwater in a rain barrel. These devices attach to your house’s downspout and waters the garden that way.

Install Stone Features

Stone walkways are a great idea and beds fit in perfectly with any landscaping plan and help reduce the amount of grass and shrubbery work that needs to be done. Examples include the following.

Stone Walking Spaces

Not interested in trimming a ton of grass all the time? Consider adding some stone walkways for guests to use. An inexpensive option is crushed stone, but those looking for a fancier solution might turn to paving stones. Paving Stones are incredibly durable and require almost no effort to upkeep. It’s also available in many colors like gray and brown to fit in with your landscaping theme.

Crushed Rock Beds

Often used as a mulch alternative, crushed stones last almost indefinitely and can add a neutral touch of gray to your landscape. You can choose any size of crushed or pea stone depending on the amount of wind you receive on average.


Homeowners who are planning on building structures in the yard should consider adding a solid stone foundation first, which helps prevent weeds and ensures that any structures you place down have a level surface to lie on. It’s a solid investment for reducing headaches later.

Leave the Landscape Design to the Professionals

While there are plenty of ways to reduce the workload of landscaping, the reality is that you can’t avoid it entirely. For instance, if you’re looking for hardscaping, patio design, fencing, and other services, you’ll need to work with a professional landscaper.

Newhart Landscaping can help you navigate the design and build process, so you and your family can enjoy the relaxing outdoors in your new space. We serve families throughout Edmonton and the surrounding areas, so get a quote from us today.