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Concrete vs Paver Patio, Pros and Cons

Susanna Newhart


One of the most common questions that I am asked, Concrete vs Paver Patio?  There are pros and cons for both, and today lets do a deep dive into which will work better for you. Before you begin with any backyard renovations, make sure you have a plan. Regardless if you are doing it yourself, or you have hired a contractor you should have a plan. You can control your costs, and make sure your elevations are proper. Grading off of the new patio is also important.

Is it cheaper to install concrete or a Paver Patio?

On average, it is less expensive to install concrete. However, pavers have a longer life, and usually a better warranty. Concrete installers will give you a 1 year warranty on the install, but not the concrete, whereas company’s like Barkman Concrete have a longer warranty on the pavers.  Bottom line, yes it is less expensive, but doesn’t last as long.

What is better Concrete vs Paver Patio?

Concrete will crack in places with extreme temperature changes like Edmonton, AB, dont let anyone tell you otherwise. With pavers if the base does shift around, you can pick up the paver re-do the base, its an much easier repair. When concrete shifts too much, mudjacking or polyjacking is very expensive, and you will see the holes they drill to inject the concrete or poly-eurothane. With Pavers you have way more options, for colour style, texture. You can mix different styles together for a beautiful design. Concrete does have a few colour options, but they are not as bold as Pavers.

How much does it cost for a 10 x 10 Paver Patio and a 10 x 10 Concrete slab?

Keep in mind, this varies from product to product, and does not includes any tear out. The area needs to be prepped for whichever product you decide to use. That cost needs to added into your quote. On average you are looking at approximately $22 cdn per square foot for pavers and approximately $17 cdn per square foot for concrete.

What is the difference between Stamped concrete and Pavers?

Pavers are individual pieces, with different colours and texture, whereas stamped concrete is a uniform colour, and one static texture. The concrete is installed as a normal slab, and then a powder is applied on top. The powder is the colour. They then use forms to make the patterns in the concrete. Quite literally stamping it. The colour does tend to fade with time, you can seal it which will make it a bit more vibrant. Pavers have the colour through-out the entire paver, so if it chips, you still have the colour. We recommend sealing the pavers, it allows the colours to really show.

At the end of the day, with a good plan you sill be able to work out what you would like to use with your Landscape Designer. Concrete vs Paver Patio, its about your budget, and style. We are Newhart Landscaping and Construction Ltd., and we are located in Sherwood Park, AB. We are a family owned and operated business with over 20 years experience. Reach out to us for your free consultation!