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DIY vs Pro Landscaping Part 2

Alex Newhart



I’ll make this simple. You can go out and put down a lawn sprinkler.  If you don’t know what you’re doing don’t DIY install underground irrigation. This is so hard to fix after the fact and so hard to get right. It’s simple job but it’s a lot like doing the plumbing in your own house. I did it and guess what? I had a plumber fix it after.

Outdoor Lights

You can do this yourself. It’s a lot like hanging Christmas lights. I buy all my stuff from LED innovations.  A lot of times I even get them to install it for me. They will sell you everything you need and even give you a brief tutorial on how to install them. There is no building code on low voltage wiring. There is a lot of time on a latter involved. For the most part it’s straight forward. Troubleshooting low voltage lighting can be a giant can of worms without experience.


Well this comes down to code and beauty. Anybody in their man cave can sand and paint a cabinet. That doesn’t you can build good looking kitchen cabinet. Again, you can probably build anything to code I could probably as well, but carpenters know wtf they are doing. My wife is a Master carpenter. I in my lifetime would never ever be able to case a house like she can and that’s just one of the many carpenter things she does amazing.


I say this with a caveat. It may not be easy without proper tools and you may make a bunch of mistakes. That’s ok because at the end of the day it’ll most likely turn out fine or be fixable. This is the one area I recommend DIY Landscaping to save money or just enjoy partaking in.


You can totally grade on your own and get it right.  Often times the city inspectors are even helpful in showing what needs to be properly. Just be aware this can be what you’re up against.


Dig a hole put the plant in. There’s many things to get right or wrong. The plant may live or die regardless of what you do. As part of our service the designer goes with the customer to Greenland’s to help pick out trees. If you purchase plants as a homeowner directly from the seller you can get a warranty. In fact that’s what we recommend to our customers. That way we only charge to install them and delivery. Greenland’s also has their own installers and so do many nurseries. I am more then happy to have them install plants on my jobs.


Same thing many things to get right/wrong but for the most part they are all fixable later. There may be a lot of hard work involved in doing this all with a wheelbarrow. I continue to do it with a wheelbarrow on some jobs and I think you’ll be able to as well.


DIY Landscaping may or may not be for you but definitely don’t have to do everything yourself.  I recommend you work with a Landscaper and figure out what you are comfortable doing yourself.

Thanks for taking the time to check out my post! My name is Alex Newhart and I am the owner of Newhart Landscaping and Construction Ltd based out of Sherwood Park, AB. Stay tuned for more blogs and podcasts!