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Gator Base by Alliance, Save time,money, looks amazing!

Susanna Newhart


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Hey guys! We wanted to take a few minutes to talk about a product we found, Gator Base by Alliance. Usually we aren’t big on things that sound too good to be true, and this definitely fits that description.

So what happens when you can’t even get equipment onto the site to start? We want to build you that great outdoor space with a paver patio, but we cant bring the equipment we need to get it started. You have a couple of options, and none are all that fun.

First option, bringing in huge amounts of crushed stone and gravel onto the site, by hand. With wheelbarrows, shovels and sore backs. It works, but this is 2020, it’s not exactly technologically advanced. First option, no good.

Second option, compromise. That one doesn’t really need an explanation, it sucks. You have a vision for your landscaping, and it doesn’t involve compromise. Second option, no good.

The Product

That’s where the Gator Base by Alliance comes in. We found out about this product in 2018 at a short class through our local Burnco Landscape Supply. Our Instructor Keith was great and lucky for us we won the door prize and where able to get our hands on some of it for free!

Gator base has a high-density polypropylene construction for long lasting service. It is environmentally friendly and replaces 6 ” of compact crushed stone. Each piece covers up to 5.79 Sq. ft. It has a lightweight construction with extreme durability.

It eliminates the need to excavate all the extra soil, so its saves you money and time three ways. You dont have to excavate as much, you dont have to dispose of as much, and you dont have to purchase and bring in as much crush for your base.

Its great for climates like Edmonton with the heavy freeze thaw winters that we have.

The Job

In Spring of 2019 we had a client who wanted a gorgeous new patio they could sit on and watch their cats play in their ‘catio’. Problem was, they had a small space, with small access and we couldn’t get the machines in to do the job. We had to find a way to get the job done, Gator Base was the answer. Instead of a  fleet of equipment, we were able to complete the job without compromising quality.

Gator Base by Alliance

We couldn’t believe how easy it was, and without compromise. We didnt need to haul out a ton of dirt, we didnt have to bring in a truck load of crush, we saved time, money, and lots of labour. What started out as a specialty need has turned into a tool we couldn’t live without.

Gator Base by Alliance

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