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Key Landscaping Ideas and Trends in 2022 For Edmonton Outdoor Living

Alex Newhart


With pandemic restrictions finally winding down, everyone’s looking for new outdoor activities to pursue now that we aren’t stuck indoors all day. For some of us, the preferred outdoor activities might include hiking or snowshoeing, but there is also a more calming and subdued healthy outdoor activity that many find just as exhilarating; landscaping.

Key Landscaping Ideas

2022 is an exciting new time for exterior design. New trends in landscape design mean more outdoor living space ideas are entering the limelight. 

To maximize the outdoor living space of your Edmonton property every season, improve curb appeal, be the envy of your neighbours and impress visitors with a beautiful and modern look in your yard, get inspired with these must-know landscaping trends.

1. Larger Gardens Are In

Gardens will certainly take center stage this year as more landscaping experts are choosing to maximize backyard spaces for more gardening options. While there will still be some planning involved in balancing garden space with other backyard landscaping ideas, gardens can certainly be a big part of any backyard renovation design plans in 2022 and beyond. Take a read of our earlier posts where we share some tips on planning a landscape design for your backyard Raised beds or containers, for instance, help separate the garden sections from the rest of the yard without permanently changing the land while still giving the gardener control over the soil. Best of all, they look amazing while still being a low-maintenance landscaping solution.

2. Outdoor Kitchens and Dining Spaces

From barbecues to pool parties, back and front lawns are being used more often for entertainment now that it’s safer to have friends and family come over.

Have you ever heard of an outdoor kitchen and dining space? It’s one of the more ambitious backyard outdoor living space ideas but a popular one nonetheless.

For instance, you might host a barbecue with convenient chairs and tables that are weather-proofed to work in any outdoor season. We’re even starting to see some mini bars set up outside as well.

3. A Focus on Sustainability

Recent events have shown us the importance of cleanliness and sanitation not only within our homes but also in the air and environment around us. That notion is spreading into the design of our outdoor living spaces as well.

In the past, we’d generally prefer organic seeds and try to optimize our water usage. This year, there’s even bigger attention being given to raising local, native plants to avoid accidentally spreading invasive species into the ecosystem.

Another interesting trend is the introduction of xeriscaping, a new landscaping technology that minimizes the need for irrigation. The benefits here include:

  • Lower water usage and consequently utility bills
  • Less use of pesticides and fertilizers
  • Encourage the adoption of more local plants

A few other strategies to pick up are:

  • Using only safe, non-toxic gardening products
  • Installing drainage solutions to minimize water pollution
  • Creating rain gardens for collecting runoff

And, of course, we’re never going to forget making the yard look aesthetically pleasing. Designers are always thinking of new backyard ideas to turn these gardens into natural and inviting places. You can do this and still remain environmentally conscious by incorporating sustainable outdoor furniture and building materials into your garden design.

4. Add Variety with Your Plants and Other Garden Features

Your garden should be a beautiful and natural place that is a projection of your personality or style preference. So you can add colorful flowers or unique plants that serve to create interest in the space and capture your attention whenever you want to enjoy what nature has to offer. 

But you don’t have to just focus on the flowers. Try bringing in some wildlife with an ornate birdbath, or fill some of the space with texture, like rocks that play off the vegetation. You can keep it simple and stay within your budget or go all out with it for maximum effect. By including a range of outdoor features in your backyard garden, you will always have something joyful to experience in the space.

5. Build Curb Appeal

Your outdoor space may not be in the backyard but right out front for all to see and enjoy. By creating a front garden that is fully trimmed and landscaped in the front, you project to the neighborhood that you are proud of your home and the curb appeal of the property is an extension of that. 

Think of your front yard garden as a welcome mat for everyone who passes by. Your neighbors will appreciate the view and when it comes time to sell your home, you make it easy for potential buyers to love your property.

Turn Your Backyard Ideas Into Reality With Newhart Landscaping

Interested in more small backyard ideas in Canada? The Newhart Landscaping team specializes in residential landscaping services, as well as backyard landscape design and construction. For over 15 years we’ve worked with residential and commercial clients across Edmonton and Sherwood Park neighbourhoods, creating beautiful landscape designs. Here are some of the landscape construction services we provide:

  • Landscaping
  • Artificial grass
  • Exterior lighting
  • Patios
  • Decks
  • Irrigation and drainage

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