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Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards

Susanna Newhart


Sometimes bigger isn’t always better when it comes to designing your backyard space, especially when you have smaller dimensions to work with. To help you plan out how to landscape your small yard this spring, here are a few landscaping ideas for small backyards that we’re sure you’ll love.

Plant Vertically

Do you want a garden in your small yard but don’t have the footprint to do it? Not to worry, you can have a vertical garden instead! Whether they’re hanging planters or attached to a trellis of sorts, you can have an adorable garden without worrying about running out of space.

Utilize Your Fence

Who said fences only had to stand there and look boring? Spruce them up but giving them a nice paint job and utilizing the valuable space they provide. As they’re sturdy structures, consider hanging decorations from them. Even better, hang planter boxes that house growing fruits, vegetables or herbs. This is particularly useful if you don’t have the space for a garden.

Decorate Your Small Space

Even if it’s just a set of chairs and a small table, make your outdoor living space something you want to spend a lot of time in. Hang outdoor string lights, cute pillows, hanging plants, you name it. Strategically place your pieces and you’ll never want to leave you cozy oasis again.

Add a Small Water Feature

You don’t need anything huge to make a statement in your small years, particularly when it comes to added water features. You can incorporate a small pond or a tiny water fountain for a major impact.

Try a Murphy Bar

Don’t have room for a large outdoor table or fancy bar? Try installing an outdoor Murphy bar. Just like the famous hidden bed, a Murphy bar simply folds down from the wall and turns into a functional tabletop for you and your friends to hang out. You can add shelving as well to make it even more functional in your small space.

Use False Grass

When you have a tiny yard, sometimes it doesn’t make sense to have a patch of grass there, especially if mowing it is more trouble than it’s worth. Instead, install a patch of faux green grass so you can enjoy the illusion of having a luscious lawn without the maintenance. Otherwise known as artificial turf.

Build a Storage Shed

Extra storage in any backyard space is essential to keeping it look neat. If you like do-it-yourself projects, try repurposing old doors, windows or other stable material and build yourself a cute little gardening shed to house your essential tools.

Add Depth

In many cases, you can’t change the size of your backyard without encroaching on someone else’s property. Instead, try this easy trick that’s sure to make anything seem larger than it actually is. Just hang a few mirrors of your choice from your fences, as they’ll reflect the greenery around you and make the yard look huge.

We hope you’ve found these Landscaping Ideas for Small Backyards useful! Thanks for reading.

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