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Landscaping Near Me, 4 reasons to shop local

Susanna Newhart


When you search for landscaping near me, we are the small family owner company that comes to mind. We made the decision to become entrepreneurs back in 2012. We knew a lot about our respective trades, and not much about how the business should operate. It was a very steep, stressful, exciting, and eye-opening ride.  The biggest lesson we learned was to create partnerships with others in our line of work. We reached out to other small business’ to find the like minded people that we wanted to grow together with.

The goal was to find someone who we could learn from, rely on, and most importantly, keep it as local as we could. One of our biggest ally is Burnco Landscape. Though-out the years they have been a great partner, we learn so much from them and we really dont shop anywhere else. We have grown to think of the Burnco Crew as part of our landscape family.

Protecting the Environment

By far the most important, not just for today but for the future as well. When our products are made in Canada, and in some cases made in Edmonton, AB, we significantly reduce the distance our products have to travel. The end result is using less fossil fuels, we do our part to help Mother Earth.

Our goal is to recycle as much as we can. If possible we re-use paving stones, and when we cant we recycle them. They dont just end up in the garbage. We transplant trees and shrubs, and screened topsoil which keeps the nutrient rich soil where it belongs.

Since we live in the same neighbourhood as you, we understand micro-climates. We are able to tailor your Landscape Design to make sure you are using drought resistant plants, shade trees as well as fruits and veggies. Landscaping near me takes on a new meaning, because we really are right by you!

We understand the weather in our home towns and can customize tools such as an irrigation system. You have a healthy vibrant lawn and yard which helps clean our air, a provide a home to birds, and animals.


This has a bigger affect than most people realize. When we hire we look for people who live in our communities too, which they then spend their pay cheques in their neighbourhoods. In the construction industry alone, small local business’ like Newhart Landscape and Construction Ltd. are responsible for 69.7%  of employment totals. Which means 8.3 million people are employed by small local business’ and it continues to grow each year.

The commute time is cut down, which is a benefit for the environment. As well 45% of your purchase, stays in the community, rather than being used as a tax break for a larger corporation. Supporting entrepreneurs creates more jobs, as we are always looking for career minded people. Most dont just want to hire you for the summer, we want you to become part of the business to grow and benefit with it. They are more innovative and diverse, and we tend to have more customized and specialize products that are locally sourced. We like to use local artisans because we are passionate about them and their work.


Everything comes full circle in our community. With our employees and business partners like Burnco Landscape , we are able to support smaller events and charities. We would not have found out about if we were not as connected. This helps us build community spirit, and strengthens the neighbourhoods resiliency when there is a time of need.

When we put our name and logo on a small team, we stand behind them, and they know who we are and what we are working towards.

Small business’ give 250% more than larger corporations, which means it has a greater impact!

So when you google Landscaping near me, you will find us Newhart Landscaping and Construction Ltd. We proudly protect our environment, hire and shop local, and benefit the community. Be a part of our community! Contact us today.