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Retaining Walls

Durable Retaining Walls Built to Last

Add depth and dimension to your Edmonton property with a professionally designed and constructed retaining wall. Work with Newhart to get the all-in-one landscaping feature that creates aesthetically pleasing finishes and durable functionality for decades to come.

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Why Retaining Walls are Important for Property Design

Retaining walls are an essential part of many landscaping projects. They offer polished functionality and design to different residential and commercial properties and play an important role in erosion control and restraining soil onto unnatural slopes. These structures are the finishing and foundational touches every property needs.

Key Benefits of Retaining Walls

Versatile Design

Retaining Walls can be catered to your aesthetic. With a wide selection of structural materials, styles, colours, and sizes, your vision can become a reality.

Seamless Integration

Choose from an array of sizes and tiering options to add more space to your property and streamline sections of your backyard that your neighbours will envy.

Durable Construction that Lasts

When constructed properly, a retaining wall can withstand heavy weights and external elements for years. Newhart uses high-quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about your retaining wall giving in anytime soon.

Erosion Control

Extensive erosion can cause significant damage to your landscape. Prevent sinkholes and maintain the health of your lawns with a beautifully crafted retaining wall.

Types of Retaining Walls

Stone Retaining Wall

Stone Retaining Wall

A natural stone wall can add a new dimension of class and beauty to your property that is ageless and adds a wealth of functionality at the same time.

Stack Stone Wall

Stack Stone Wall

A retaining wall that gets stronger as the stones and soil settle over time. The naturally inspired design works as a value-added feature capable of water drainage, landscape protection, and sleek design.

Brick Wall

Brick Wall

Combining clean architecture with functional landscape construction means you can get the best of both worlds for your property.

Modular Block Wall

Modular Block Wall

A modular wall that’s a cost-effective alternative to natural stone retaining walls that provide durability, crack resistance, and versatility in design and materials to fit your aesthetic perfectly.

How Newhart Does Retaining Walls Better

Newhart understands the importance of retaining walls in completing the look of your property and providing the durability you want. With over 15 years of design, installation, and maintenance expertise across Edmonton, we can seamlessly deliver functional, beautiful retaining walls that you’ll love.

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Work With Retaining Wall Experts in Edmonton Who Will Save You More

At Newhart Landscaping, we take pride in working with Edmonton residents and businesses to bring the best in landscaping services for less. Our specialized crews are always committed to first-class customer satisfaction and unparalleled service, so your next landscaping or retaining wall project is a seamless process.

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Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute

ICPI Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute Certification

Newhart Landscaping is honoured to be acknowledged as a member of the ICPI in the category of "Contractor Informational For The Year 2021". Feel confident with Newhart Landscaping for your landscaping needs!