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Top Landscaping Trends for Edmonton Backyards

Alex Newhart


Backyard design is not only a great way to enhance the value of your home, but it’s also a fun activity that helps you bring your dream to life. Many homeowners love designing their own backyards, while others would rather bring in backyard design professionals.

Top landscaping trends

Designing your own outdoor space or hiring professionals are both excellent options. You might want a perfectly crafted landscape design worthy of magazines and the professionals will help you achieve that. However, creating your own design can help you bring your ideas to life and save the cost of garden designers in your neighbourhood.

Today, we’re going to highlight the top landscaping trends in Edmonton, along with giving a general overview of how you can begin designing your own landscape

How Can I Plan a Landscape Design for My Backyard Space in Edmonton?

Planning your own landscape can be an extremely enjoyable activity for the right people. Landscape design for your Edmonton backyard space begins by understanding the hard numbers involved, then involving your creativity to design your dream backyard.

Before we dive into the specific landscaping design ideas in the next section, let’s go over a general overview of how you can plan your own landscape design. Keep in mind that we are discussing the planning and design phase, you will most likely still need professionals to properly execute your design. 

Follow the below steps to begin designing your dream landscape:

  • Determine your budget: How much are you willing to invest in the entire landscape renovation? You don’t need the exact amount right now, but a general range will help you make the rest of your design decisions.
  • Consider your future: Your backyard is your outdoor sanctuary, and it’s likely going to see plenty of use. It’s important to think about factors that might change how it’s used. Ask yourself the following questions:
  • How long do you plan to live in your current home?
  • Will you be getting any pets?
  • Are you considering having any kids?
  • Will there be any other add-ons such as a backyard swimming pool or extension?
  • Do you want to have frequent guests or even parties?
  • Research applicable regulations and obtain required documents: Adding a few bushes isn’t usually regulated, but many major backyard design ideas might have applicable regulations. It’s worth gathering the following pieces of information:
  • Property survey and other related reports and statistics
  • All applicable zoning restrictions
  • Any HOA regulations that may be applicable, especially for condo owners
  • Review common backyard landscape design trends and ideas: Take some time to look over common designs to help decide what you like. You might end up loving backyard interlock design ideas, but you may not even know about them before you look. We will go over more specific designs in the next section.
  • Consider the desired usage backyard: When you think about going outside and spending time in your completely renovated backyard, what are you doing? Make sure that the final design includes all of the elements of any activities you’d like. 

You now have a solid understanding of how you’d like your backyard to look, along with knowledge of any applicable limitations, such as budget and regulations. From here, you can start adding and removing futures, along with pulling from any of the design trends that we’re about to discuss. 

It’s important to note that you will likely still need to work with a professional to draft a complete backyard design that includes all of the relevant data and specific measurements. Landscapers will require this information to properly execute your plan, it’s just like having a blueprint for the contractor adding a new room. However, completing the steps above will help you give the professional designer specific ideas that may reduce the rate for the finished design.

You don’t need to follow popular landscape design trends in Edmonton to have an incredible backyard that you’ll love for years to come. However, learning about these landscape design trends makes you aware of new designs and possibilities that can be incorporated into your unique plans. Some common Edmonton landscape design trends are:

  • Complete outdoor living areas: Turn your backyard into somewhere you can spend large amounts of quality time. You don’t need to be limited to specific outdoor activities. Adding comfortable furniture, water features, outdoor playhouses for kids, and sound muffling hedges is all it takes to create a comfortable place to spend time outside in your backyard retreat.
  • Add native plants: Native plants are not only beautiful, but they’ll help sustain the ecosystem in which you live. Focusing on adding native plants is part of a wider trend of sustainability that is becoming increasingly common in landscaping ideas in Edmonton and Sherwood Park. 
  •  There are countless ways to include sustainability into your design and including native plants is perhaps the easiest one, plus it adds immense beauty and curb appeal to any backyard.
  • Edible landscapes: Gardening is on the rise, and edible landscapes can be considered a new take on gardening. There are many backyard landscape design ideas that are based on using herbs, fruits, and vegetables instead of purely ornamental plants. The main difference between edible landscaping and gardening is using edible plants throughout the entire design, rather than in a specific garden plot. 

Each of these trends reflects a renewed focus on turning backyards into useful areas, rather than uniform green lawns. People now want to go outside and relax, enjoy the beauty of nature, and maybe even have some homegrown produce.

What Does a Custom Landscape Design Cost?

Landscape designers have received specialized training and real-world work experience that they bring to your yard renovation. Having their skills behind your project will undoubtedly help achieve your goals, but it will require an investment. 

How much will it cost? Your specific fee will be based on who you hire, the quality of landscaping supplies you use, and the scope of your backyard project. Talented and reputable landscape designers will cost more than new designers, just like a more intricate project will require more of the designer’s time. On average, expect to pay between $1,000 and $7,000 for a professional landscape designer.

Take a look at some of the landscape design projects we have completed in Edmonton and Sherwood Park, and start imagining how your backyard oasis will look in 2022. 

We’d love to lend our knowledge and experience to your upcoming backyard renovation. Contact us today to start working with an experienced landscape designer that can bring your ideas to life.